Bingbing’s dress

360截图20130317211848335360截图20130317211935850Bingbing is a famous movie star from China, she always wears very Chinese-style dress in some big award ceremony. Have a look:


Hanfu in London


Recently, a Chinese girl wearing Hanfu as busker in London to publicize Chinese traditional clothes which draws many attentions.


We all know that China is a large country with long history and multi-cultural background. There are 56 nationnality in China, different nationality has different style of clothes. These clothes can represent Chinese culture from BD2975 till now. This website will give some brief information about traditional Chinese dress and their development during history.
Generally speaking, Hanfu is the traditional costume that has been worn by Han Chinese people for approximately 5000 years. It is believed to have been worn by the early leader of China, Huangdi.
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Hanfu–Han Dynasty

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Hanfu refers to the pre-17th century traditional clothing of the Han Chinese, the predominant ethnic group of China. Hanfu encompasses all types of traditional clothing worn by the Han Chinese ethnic group. The traditional dress of many Asian countries have been influenced by Hanfu, especially those of Japan and Korea. Hanfuwas regarded by Han Chinese as a very important part of their culture. The wearing of appropriate styles of Hanfu was an important part of courteous refined behaviour. Confucius considered Hanfu a very important part of Chinese ceremony and ritual and many of his quotations contain references to Hanfu.
Due to the length of its history and China’s overwhelming cultural influence on the region, Hanfu has significantly shaped the style of traditional costumes of some Asian countries. Korea Hanbok and Japanese Kimono, they have the unique style, but they had been influenced by Hanfu.